Raga Bansuri Flute

How A Raga is Performed in “Bansuri Flute”

The Bansuri is a classical instrument on which generally classical music is played, although light music are also played on it. When we play light music on it we follow the tune of the song or music created by the music director only. But when we talk about the Bansuri without any special reference we mean classical music only. So, lets understand how music is played on Bansuri. We Start from “...
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Bansuri Flute-Steps Towards learning a Raga

“Raga” is Specific Melodic patterns of Indian Classical Music which needs Fingering, tonguing, blowing and different Ornamentation techniques to be played in a “Bansuri Flute” Moreover different applications of “Basic Classical Music Theories” must be Mastered with the help of a teacher/trainer or Guru if you want to play a “Raga” on “Bansuri Flute” . Nevertheless one needs...
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