How To use Metronome to improve your Practice

Why is a Metronome so Important? Background - Developing Your Rhythmic Ability Part I - The Five Steps of Practice Part II - Principles of Mastery Credit: Troy Stetina If you have a desire to play well -- any instrument, any style -- the use of a metronome is critical. Here we will cover how to make the best use of it to help you improve the quickest. Why is a Metronome so Important? A metronome...
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buy bansuri flute

Tips for buying a Bansuri Flute

The bansuri is not a costly instrument as compared to other instruments in Indian subcontinent and abroad. It is made from the naturally existing bamboo sticks and then treated to suit the choice of the musicians. Therefore, from the cost point of view it is not very dear, but according to its usefulness its importance and utility is immense. This aspect makes purchasing bansuri a little...
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বাঁশিতে উচু স্বর বাজানোর বাজানোর ক্ষেত্রে কিছু সাধারন সমস্যা এবং তার কিছু সমাধান

 বাঁশির থেকে উৎপন্ন আওয়াজ(Tone) এর শব্দ ভঙ্গুর কিংবা অপরিস্কার হওয়া  প্রচুর বাতাস তথা শ্বাস প্রশ্বাস এর আওয়াজ নির্গত হওয়া  একটি ছিদ্রে একই সাথে...
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Bansuri Flute-Steps Towards learning a Raga

“Raga” is Specific Melodic patterns of Indian Classical Music which needs Fingering, tonguing, blowing and different Ornamentation techniques to be played in a “Bansuri Flute” Moreover different applications of “Basic Classical Music Theories” must be Mastered with the help of a teacher/trainer or Guru if you want to play a “Raga” on “Bansuri Flute” . Nevertheless one needs...
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Bansuri Flute Basics: Types, Parts, Notes, Posture and Embochure

Article by Zubair Malik : Flute Training Centre  on 7th June,2018  The bansuri is named after the combination of two words: Bans which means bamboo and Sur which means musical notes. The bansuri is made of a single length of bamboo and has six to eight open fingers holes. Bansuri or flute (literally bamboo flute is a cylindrical tube made of bamboo with unformed bore and closed at one end....
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