Tips for buying a Bansuri Flute

The bansuri is not a costly instrument as compared to other instruments in Indian subcontinent and abroad. It is made from the naturally existing bamboo sticks and then treated to suit the choice of the musicians. Therefore, from the cost point of view it is not very dear, but according to its usefulness its importance and utility is immense. This aspect makes purchasing bansuri a little difficult (Though a good quality bansuri flute is quite high in price now a days in the international market as long as bamboo quality , tone and pitch are concerned).

Any ordinary buyer maybe deceived by its appearance but it is the correct tuning that is important. Therefore, the following points should be kept in mind when purchasing a bansuri flute.

Tip1: Don’t Go for look but the Tonal Quality

Normally a new buyer is attracted to the finishing of a bansuri but remember it is the sound quality and not the appearance that is important. A buyer should take note of its tonal quality and pitch.

Tip2: Bamboo Quality

The quality of a bamboo used in the bansuri is very important. A bansuri with seasoned wood should be preferred only because this type of wood is resistant against the weather effects and lasts longer.

Tip3: The Tuning

The tuning of a bansuri should be perfect in order to produce the notes correctly and with maximum ease.

Tip4: The Price and size

The price and size are other aspects to be kept in mind. Initially a cheaper bansuri will do because there is danger of wear and tear in a beginner’s hand. Later on when one has mastered the art, a new and better quality could be purchased.

Tip5: The length of the bansuri

 The length of the bansuri that suits the buyer should be kept in mind. Consult a good teacher when selecting a bansuri size for you. Playing a long bansuri at the initial stage may be a bit difficult as blowing and gripping it might take some extra effort.

These are not the standard rule to be quoted. As a matter of fact these are only guidelines to help a new buyer in selecting a good bansuri. But, while purchasing the instrument one should apply his or her own wisdom. There are different circumstances when you purchase any thing.


Reference book: Handbook of Bansuri by Pankaj Bishal