25% off on Tuition fees: Spring Offer: Admission Going on: Deadline 7th March’2020

Flute Training Centre, Dhaka. Contact: 01781171584

Individual training
Multimedia and Software Support
*Provide Tuned flute(Conditions Apply)

Training Scheduling:

Class duration: 1 hour each student
Class scheduling: Once In a Week ( Can be any day of the week between 10 AM to 8PM with Prior discussion)

Training Content:
-Indian Classical
-Comeperative study on Eastern and Western Classical

Tuition Fees/Payment for Monthly/Course basis:

******Monthly System******

Registration fee: 1000 (For Bag + begginner’s Tuned Flute)

Monthly fee: BDT2000( BDT 1500 with 25% off)

Once in a week
Class duration : 1 hour
Every 4 Classes makes a Month


Registration fee (BDT 1000) + 1st Month Tuition (BDT 1500)= BDT 2500 on Registration Day
BDT 1500 only from the next month as Monthly Tuition Fee

Admission time:
Anytime as per seats available

******Course System******

**** The privilege in course system is you can get the training up to 5 to 6 months by paying only 3 and half months(approximately) payment at a time*****

Course available:

Basic level: 20 lessons

Requirement: Anyone above age over 13
Course Duration: approximately 5 months
Registration fee: BDT1000( begginer’s flute)
Course fee: BDT7000 (BDT 6000 only with the spring offer)

Payment: Registration fee BDT1000 + Course fee BDT6000 = Total BDT7000 at a time on the registration Day

Once in a week
Class Duration: 1 hour (Individual)