10 Tips for Playing The Bansuri Flute

Tip 1:

 Keep the Bansuri in Proper Position and apply firm Pressure on the tips of fingers over the holes so that they keep the air in. Or the right hand fingers over the holes instead of the rips.

 Tip 2:

 Move the fingers in a manner that when removing one finger from a hole, the pressure of the fingers on the other holes will not decrease.

 Tip 3:

 The Pressure of the air blown should increase when ascending and decrease when descending.

 Tip 4:

 When Practicing the pressure of air and the stroke of the tongue should keep pace with one another and gradually try to play all the notes in one breath.

 Tip 5:

 When one note is played twice such as SS RR GG etc…, it should be played with the stroke of the tongue.

 Tip 6:

 Use the tongue Stroke on the basis of The Tune

 Tip 7:

 The beat and rhythm should always be kept in mind. When Practicing the stroke of the root is essential at every matra beat

 Tip 8:

 For half tone notes, either change the position of the notes or play them keeping the holes half-open. Initially changing the Position of the notes is a better method.

Tip 9:

 Keep the bansuri cork fitted and clean from inside. Some players use oil to smoothen the inner part of the bansuri to keep it in perfect tune(Not recommended in the humid weather of the sub continental area)

 Tip  10:

 Practice for about half an hour everyday and try to get the chance to play in the company of seasoned players


 Credit: Handbook of Bansuri by Pankaj Vishal